Throughout the site, you will these abbreviations used. Please use this reference for explaining their meaning.

General Abbreviations

BK Booklet
BP Bookley Pane
CDN Canadian Dollar
CDS Circular Date Stamp
CS Catalogued as Single(s)
DG Disturbed Gum
DP Die Proof
E Essay
FDC First Day Cover
FFC First Flight Cover
HH Heavy Hinged
IMP Imperforate
LH Lightly Hinged
LL Lower Left
GBP Great Britian Pound
NH Never Hinged - Mint Original Gum
OG Original Gum - Possible Remnant of Hinge
PB Plate Block
POS Position
PP Plate Proof
RR Re-Entry
TC Trial Colour Proof
UL Upper Left
UR Upper Right
USD United States Dollar
VAR Variety
WMK Watermark

If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Grading Abbreviation

G Good
VG Very Good
F Fine
VF Very Fine
XF Extremely Fine
SUP Superb
U Used

Please see the section regarding grading for explanation of these abbreviations and how they relate to our grading policy.

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